✿ rush 101: 33 questions to ask PNMs! ✿


While potential new members are trying to learn about the entire sorority, the active members are getting to know each PNM one by one. These are some great questions for actives to ask during recruitment to gain insight into the PNM’s personalities!

  • What was your favorite food when you were a…

25 interesting questions to ask PNMs during rush!


"Interviewing" PNMs during recruitment can be challenging! Go beyond the basic questions, and you will have lots more to talk about. Absolutely avoid "yes/no" questions. You want to dig a little deeper, learn about her character and see what’s important to her!

  • What is the greatest strength…

20 PNM practice questions to prepare for recruitment!


sorority sugar has several posts with questions for PNM and sisters to ask each other. But here are some more simple questions for PNMs to use in practicing their small talk skills. Have a friend or family member play the part the sorority member, while you answer the questions creatively. Get…


wouldnt it be cool to just like not feel nervous about everything all the time

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I have such a weird taste in guys. I think the skater boy look is hot, but so is the frat boy style, and the musician look, and also the bmx scruffy beanie guy, and the athletes. So where can I find a skater boy athlete that wears beanies and plays a guitar or piano and is also in a frat? And also happens to be brunette with blue eyes?